Stratos reklamefilmer

Reklamefilm 2014 – «Det skjer noe med luft»

Reklamefilm Stratos Dobbel Storplate

Møt Stratoskuas lillesøster! Hun gjør sin debut i reklamefilm for Stratos Dobbel Storplate.

Reklamefilm Stratos Dobbel

Stratoskua vs. MC Hammer

Can´t touch this

Moo, moo, moo, moo
Chocolate hits me so hard
Makes me say “Oh, so good!”
Thank you for giving me
a mouth to eat with and two hype feet

It feels good, when you know your´re down
A super cool cow from Airy town
And I´m known as such
This is a beat, uh, you can´t touch

I told you, blue cow
(Can´t touch this)
Yeah, that´s how we´re living and you know
(You can´t touch this)

Look at my chocolate, man